Canada Needs More Immigrants to Support its Economy

When it comes to the Immigration needs of Canada, it is quite obvious that the requirements are slowly increasing. In 2009, more than 500,000 people which included both permanent and temporary residents were accepted. This projected one of the highest rates in immigration in the nation’s history. These figures are as revealed by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. As per the data, there were 252,124 newly acquitted permanent residents in 2009. This number is 30,000 more than the usual average intake of the 90s. Apart from the above, the temporary foreign workers catered to another 178,640 and the students added to another 85,131 in 2009.

The main reason behind such high numbers of immigrants is the support that the nation requires to further develop its economy. Immigration is the answer to all the country’s long, medium and short term needs pertaining to economy. The aging population being a constant issue along with low birth rate, if not addressed would lead to a shortage of the skilled workforce.

Since filling all the gaps is the main issue of concern, the Canadian government is accepting more and more applications which leading to a constant inflow of immigrants. With aging workforce and the baby boomers more in numbers, immigrants are the ones to help. And so, more permanent residents in the future are definitely in.

As of now, the nation is interested in skilled workers who are academically and professionally qualified. The Provincial Nominee Program is a great program promoting permanent residence for both the skilled immigrants. The program also caters to business investors who would want to invest and start a venture and settle down in one of the provinces. This also helps to quicken the process of immigration and also aids the provincial governments to meet the desired needs.

Above all, being a developed nation with multicultural society, it offers immense number of opportunities for people who seek better options for life.

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