Ed Balls Termed Hypocrite

The former subordinate of Gordon Brown, Ed Balls recently said that he had warned Brown not to evade from the issue of immigration. Balls is now the latest on the bandwagon of former ministers to talk the competition that is being posed by the foreign workers when it comes to the local job market.

Balls is the Labor Leadership contender who is backed by the Union. He started out as a Special Advisor to Gordon Brown who was then the Chancellor. According to him, it was a mistake to not talk and address the issue of immigration. He has been coaxing Brown for more than a year that it was a mistake to brush the issue off.

The question here is about education and employment opportunities which are the key for the development of the nation and its people. These issues are the most important and have to be answered before it is too late.

An end to the worker’s free movement throughout the EU was called by Mr. Balls. As per him, this meant reassessing the connection between the European rules and the domestic laws. This is because these laws permit migrants as individuals to send tax credits and child benefits to their families in their native country.

Post the above statements were made, the current Immigration Minister Damian Green accused Mr. Balls of being a hypocrite. As per Green, Mr. Balls has the nerve to say that wrong decisions were made in the Eastern Europe in 2004. During this particular time period, Mr. Balls was a part of the Treasury which was the main department that pushed forth the Open-Door Immigration policy of the Labor Party.

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