Computer Network Technicians, Canada FSW Immigration 2014 Plan Beckons You!

For the skilled Computer Network Technicians, the good news is that their line of work has been suitably mentioned on the list recently made public by Canada Immigration and Citizenship (CIC), even as the best thing is that the upper limit has been increased to take the figure to 1000. The cap has been applied to draw only the finest aspirants.

Under the Canada FSW Immigration 2014 Program, the main emphasis is given to individuals who have the required education, prior work experience, language proficiency, and adaptability to successfully establish in the country, and soon after landing, start contributing towards the province’s prosperity and growth.

Nomination is based on a point based system, wherein the aspirants are considered under the following factors:

I.    Education and Training
II.    Work Experience
III.    Language Ability
IV.    Age
V.    Arranged job

To successfully submit a submission, it is essential that the aspirants have a minimum of one year prior work experience in the past 10 years related to their respected field, and at least post-secondary education or training. It should be related to an occupation given on the In-Demand Occupation List.

Work Profile

These in-demand experts are responsible to establish, maintain, operate and co-ordinate the use of local and wide area networks (LANs and WANs), maintain networks, software, hardware and related computer equipment. They are also accountable to set up and maintain Internet and Intranet Web sites and Web-server hardware and software, and also monitor and optimize network connectivity and performance.

Key Requirements

To become a professional, you require a diploma of collegian studies or an attestation of collegian studies in the Computer Science or a vocational diploma in computer support. The Diploma of Collage studies provides an excellent opportunity for entering this profession, and eventually for promotion to positions as programmers. In order to become a specialist, on the job training is essential even while Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, Lotus, and other certifications are an added advantage.

Job Opportunities, Wages

Employment opportunities in the sector will increase as several positions are vacant by technicians who have retired and/or have been promoted. In big companies, the position often serves as an open gate to other computer related occupations. For example, experience in this occupation and relevant training give the candidate an access to the profession meant for the Computer Programmers. As far as wages go, the average salary for Computer Network Technicians is C$41,916 every year in the Maple Leaf Country. It’s handsome from all angles. Perhaps, no other country in the world offers this kind of pay-package to these professionals.

Key Duties

These experts perform major roles. Among others, they:

  1. Maintain, administer and troubleshoot the use of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), mainframe networks, computer workstations, connections to the Internet and peripheral equipment.
  2. Install and evaluate networking software, computer hardware, operating system software and software applications.
  3. Operate master consoles and to monitor the performance of computer systems and networks.
  4. Co-ordinate access and use of computer networks and to deliver problem solving services to different network users.
  5. From time to time install, troubleshoot, maintain and upgrade web-server hardware and software.
  6. Maintain network traffic and security monitoring software and optimize server performance.
  7. Perform routine network start up and close down and maintain control records and perform data backups.
  8. Conduct tests and perform security and quality controls and control and monitor e-mail uses, Web navigation and installed software.
  9. Perform shell scripting or other basic scripting tasks.

Good career opportunity makes it a rather attractive occupation even while an impressive figure of applicants submits petitions every year. It is advisable to submit your submission accurately–complete with every required details and documents–to increase your chances of making the grade, and successfully immigrating to Canada.

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