What Are Key Canada Business Immigration Requirements?

Since many decades, the Maple Leaf Country has been a hot destination for migration from round the globe. This North American country offers unparalleled potential to migrants for a prosperous career, excellent life style, and stable future, in the process, inspiring many people to migrate to this beautiful country.

Business Immigration Class

This class has been duly tailored to draw experienced business persons to the nation’s shores. Successful aspirants are essentially those who may make an investment in the country, launch businesses therein, and produce income & jobs for the nationals. With a view to inspire the development of a robust, wealthy economic atmosphere, Ottawa seeks business persons with adequate business knowledge & the required assets.

You can avail any visa to Canada. However, if you are a business professional, and aim to get associated with Canada Immigration, your choices are somewhat limited. As per your specific needs and qualifications, you can get your petition duly processed under these business categories: Investors, Self-employed and Entrepreneurs.

Canada Business Immigration Requirements

These vary from program to program. You are eligible to file a petition under a single category, and after submitting your submission, you are not entitled change the category.

Business Investor

It is essential that you duly manage the qualifying business, and also exercise control over a percentage of equity of a qualifying business, for at least two years in continuation, starting five years before the date of application


You should manage at least five full-time jobs per year in a business for at least two years in continuation, in the period beginning five years before the date of application.

Under the Business Investor Class, you should posses a personal net worth of at least CDN $1,600,000. In Canada, you are required to make a personal investment of CDN $800,000. Accordingly, the investment will be allocated to participate in different provinces and territories, except Quebec.

Selection Criteria

You are supposed to first meet the definition of the one class he could be applying under to be eligible for assessment against the selection criteria. Thereafter, you will be assessed against five selection factors, such as education, age, experience, official languages, and adaptability. For each selection factor, a specific number of selection points will be allotted.

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