University Professors and Lecturers, Canada FSW Immigration 2014 Awaits You!

It’s no secret that since too long Canada has been a, sort of, hub for foreign students. Its many world-renowned institutions and universities have attracted a good number of foreign students, from all across the globe. The recent inclusion of the profession in the Canada FSW Immigration 2014 program has hence proved it. Lately, Ottawa has reportedly announced its revised and updated list of 50 professions, even as the profession of the University Professors and Lecturers is included in it.

To be able to file a petition under the recently announced the FSW program, it is vital that you have a minimum of one year of continuous and paid prior experience in the relevant field, within the last 10 years. You also need to prove your language proficiency in either of these–English or French–or be an international student suitably enrolled in PHD program.

The main focus of the program is to attract young skilled workers who are capable enough to contribute towards the economic growth of the country. As per the recent announcement, the key changes under the program are as follow:-

  • Proficiency in either of the two languages–English or French.
  • Younger immigrants are given preference. This is beneficial for those who are already in the country on an IEC working holiday visa.
  • High points for prior Canadian work experience and reducing points for the foreign work experience.
  • Awarding additional points for spouse language ability and Canadian work experience.
  • Education credential assessment will be introduced.

If you meet the above given requirements, your immigration application will be duly processed on the basis of the following six factors:

  • Educational qualification
  • Qualification in English or French
  • Prior work experience
  • Age
  • If you have arranged employment in the nation
  • Your adaptability capability

You also need to duly prove that you are financially independent to support yourself and your dependents once you eventually land on the nation’s territories.

Job Profile

University professors and lecturers are responsible to impart education to graduate and the post graduate students and to carry out research. They specialize in a particular subject, such as Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Sociology, Business Administration, and/or Law.

Example Titles

English professor
French language professor
Assistant professor, botany
Associate professor, linguistics
Chairperson, food sciences department
Chairperson, physics department
Professor of medicine
University professor

Main duties to be performed

  • Teach specific subjects to graduate and post graduate students and to deliver lectures to students and conduct laboratory sessions.
  • To prepare, administer and grade examinations, laboratory assignments and reports and to guide students on course and academic matters.
  • Supervise research programs for graduate and post graduate students.
  • Conduct research in field of their specialization and publish findings in scholarly journals or books.
  • They may also require serving on faculty committees handling the matters of curriculum planning and degree requirements.
  • They may also be asked to represent their university or college as speakers and guest lecturers.
  • They may also be required to give professional consultative services to government and private institutions and organizations.

To successfully immigrate to the nation–as University Professors and Lecturers, under the Canada FSW Immigration 2014–you are required to meet the below given criteria:

  • To become a professor, you are required a doctoral degree in your field of specialization.
  • To become a lecturer, you need to have a Master’s Degree in your chosen field of specialization.
  • License or professional certification may be required for professors teaching future practitioners in certain professionally regulated fields, such as Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Psychology and/or Law.
  • University professors, who also happen to be practitioners in their specific field of specialization, must have the appropriate licence or certification.
  • Promotion to senior positions is possible only with experience.

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