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Today, the world has become a small village even while people from every corner of the world can be found spread all over the world. You will find Indians in South Africa and British in Bhutan. The burning desire to explore the different cultures and live in exotic, developed societies, and of course, improve one’s life has been inspiring the adventurous and ambitious people to explore new territories and give a new meaning to their lives.

But while earlier, it was relatively easy to move overseas, post 9/11 and the latest Paris and Istanbul terror activities, the world has changed a lot. Now the different global hotspots–such as the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, etc.–are rather watchful, and they do not easily allow the aspirants to enter their territories until and unless the latter satisfy and fulfill the visa and immigration requirements as decided by the concerned organizations.

For instance, if those keen to migrate to Australia fail to fulfill all the specific visa and immigration requirements–as decided by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Oz–they will not be allowed entry. The aspirants also need to prove that they do not pose a threat to the security and safety of the nationals of Down Under, and will make a handy contribution to the Australian economy.

Similarly, those eager to migrate to Canada have to cater to all the requirements of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and also establish that they do not pose any threat to the sovereignty of the Maple Leaf Country and the safety of its people. In case they fail to do so, they will not be allowed entry by Ottawa, rightfully so.

While this has checked and controlled the movement of those with ulterior motives, it has also made the entire visa and immigration process more stringent and tough for the common visa aspirants. Adding to their woes is the fact that most often the different destinations make changes in their immigration and visa policies, to suit their constantly changing economic requirements and governments.

Over and over again, it is not easy for a common aspirant to keep a track on the latest changes and file a petition accordingly. The result: their applications fail to make the cut and their immigration dreams die a premature death.

Immigration & Visa Service Providers

But the good news is that to aid and guide such candidates and help them move to the destination of their dreams, under the visa category of their choice, several Immigration Consultancies have surfaced all over the world with India being no exception. In fact, most leading Indian cities and suburbs now boast of at least half-a-dozen such service providers. These organizations proffer every visa and immigration related assistance and guidance to the applicants, and help them move abroad without any hassle and difficulties.

A key point not mentioned before in this article, to illustrate the reason behind the germinating of the consultancies, is that often the visa candidates make some mistakes and fail to attach the relevant documents and papers while submitting their applications, and this invites rejection from the different immigration bodies, such as the IRCC and the DIBP.

But the immigration consultancies thoroughly check the papers and attach all the necessary documents and present the application under the right visa class, and at the right time.

Presenting a petition under the right category, at the right time, is very important. For instance, if an aspirant is not suitably skilled, but has the necessary funds to invest abroad, his petition can’t be filed under the skilled worker category but under the investor category or some other suitable category. Choosing and using the right visa class is certainly very crucial.

Likewise, presenting an application before the closing date is also very decisive. No immigration body will entertain the petitions received after the closing date.

Since the different immigration consultancies are true professionals, they know almost everything related to the domain, and they submit their clients’ petitions in such a way that most often a positive response comes from the different immigration and visa regulating authorities of the different destinations.

Given this, it is exceptionally critical to use their professional services, if you are an immigration aspirant and are keen to move to the destination of your dreams, under the visa category of your choice.

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