Enrol For Study in Canada, Obtain Citizenship!

Gaining the prized Canada citizenship is the dream of many. Enrol for a study course in the nation and receive it. Does it sound too good to be true? But it’s 100% spot on. It is possible to study in the Maple Leaf Country and obtain the nation’s citizenship. Every year, the nation permits close-to 120,000 global students to arrive and pursue studies in the country.

Which Schools in Canada are First-rate?

It’s a fact that not every school in the nation are sufficiently good. Given this, it is rather essential to find out which schools are really good for the object of studying. What is more, studying at some specific Canada schools will facilitate one to receive a post graduate Work Permit post the completion of his study scheme.

In order to become duly qualified for a Study Permit, it is compulsory that the selected school is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). In addition, to become qualified for a post-graduate Work Permit, it is mandatory that the school is an establishment that grants degree/diploma.

It needs to be kept in mind that most private language colleges or schools do not cater to the provincial requirements for the grant of a diploma/degree/certificate. Against this backdrop, via choosing to pursue studies in such schools, the student will not become entitled to receive a post-graduate Work Permit.

Apart from this, several private colleges in the nation have a work experience module. The same is basically a kind of co-op scheme. It just bands together practical work experience with study.

However, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–the department governing the nation’s visa and immigration process–does not recognize the co-op work experience for the objects of Permanent Residency (PR) petition in the country.

Given this, it is mandatory to obtain a degree/diploma from any educational establishment duly acknowledged by the IRCC for the object of becoming eligible for PR later on.

What Other Processes Are There?

One needs to understand the post-graduate Work Permit procedure. With a view to become qualified for PR, under the Express Entry arrangement, it is essential to receive employment experience, in the aftermath of graduation. It is possible to obtain a college diploma (in a time span of 2 years), a certificate programme (in a time span of 8-10 months) and a Bachelor’s Degree (in a time span of 3+ years).

A person can become entitled for 3-year post-graduate Work Permit, in case he possesses a Bachelor’s Degree/college diploma. He can receive a 1 year post graduate Work Permit, in case he is involved with a certificate programme.

Hence, he won’t become eligible for PR. In this backdrop, the aspirant will do well to enrol for any study plan that duly aids him to become permitted for a three-year post-graduate Work Permit.

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