Controversial Immigration Law in France!

The French President Nicolas Sarkozy has pledged to go ahead with a legislation that would allow stripping the French nationality of those immigrants who have attacked the police. Initially, the President Sarkozy had stepped back from imposing a similar law for those who practiced polygamy or female genital mutilation. He made these statements after meeting all the ministers responsible for justice, security and immigration. This was the first major statement made by the President after the nation returned post the summer holidays.

He re-emphasized his decision to execute such laws which he had initially threatened to impose post the riots in Grenoble in southern France. These riots came about when the police shot dead a suspected armed robber.

It has been confirmed by the Elysée Palace that these laws would be executed as soon as possible. This punishment would cater to all the immigrant criminals possessing a French citizenship in the last decade. It would also include those have been responsible for the jeopardizing the life of someone who is in-charge of public security such as police and so on.

These new suggestions have not been taken very nicely by the opposition as well as the legal experts who feel that all citizens are equal irrespective of race, origin or creed. All in all, agreed that certain enforcements have to be brought about. At the same time, it has to be ensured that neither the locals nor the immigrants are offended by such laws.

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