Counseling for Indian Spouses Recommends a Study!

A recent study has indicated strong measures to be taken towards issues pertaining to domestic violence which involves honor killings. This is especially true for women in India and other South Asian communities in Canada. These measures should include counseling sessions being conducted by the Canadian Missions for Women residing in their nation of origin such as India and Pakistan prior to their wedding.

The study was conducted by an Indo-Canadian Aruna Papp and is known as “Culturally Driven Violence Against Women”. As per Papp, the highest rate of domestic violence in Canada happens in this rapidly growing Asian community in Canada.

According to her, most of these spouses come from India and Pakistan who bear the brunt of this violence and as these women are sponsored, they should be counseled appropriately before they set off on their journey to Canada. The main purpose behind conducting these sessions is to educate such women regarding their rights as well as the culture and values in Canada. It would also equip these women on how to access the Canadian help centers in times of need.

With the above, recommendations were also brought about for compulsory orientation for men as well (those sponsoring their spouses) to educate their spouses regarding the details of rules and regulations regarding the sponsorship. Gender equality is another aspect of concern where in men need to be educated.

On the other hand, with the number of fake marriages on the rise, applications submitted by men should be investigated thoroughly to check whether or not they have been married before. And if yes, the number of times that they were in the wedlock previously should be found out. Simultaneously, the pattern for these applications filed should also be traced.

Another important aspect is cultural training and competency of Canadian immigration officers which would equip them to catch such individuals. This would help in easing out the process of immigration.

There were other similar measures which have recommended by Papp in her study such the removal of fake consultants and so on.

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