Couple Caught for Fake Marriage in UK!

The United Kingdom has always been against the idea of fake marriages, which are done only for purposes related to immigration. The nation’s federal immigration agency was once again found proving that, when the UK Border Agency arresting a couple, who included a Nigerian man and a woman from Liverpool. The man arrested was a 36-year old Nigerian who lived in Manchester, while the woman is 23-year old and lived in Liverpool. The UK Border Agency caught the couple after learning that the woman was being paid for being involved in the sham marriage. She has been paid for up to 2,000 Euro.

The particular sham marriage had taken place in Lancashire in the month of June. This Tuesday, the Preston Crown Court has landed the decision of putting the couple behind the bar.

The Nigerian man was jailed for twenty-one months, alleged with deceitfulness, while the Liverpool lady was jailed for about eight months who assisted unethical immigration practices and supported unlawful activities.

With this case, once again the UK Border Agency officials said that offences like sham marriages which are done only to clear the path of traveling across the United Kingdom are not minor offences. The immigration officials are promised to arrest the guilty ones, who try to or break the nation’s immigration rules and regulations. The UK immigration agency’s specialized team keeps an eye on these issues and make sure that no one could take advantages of the nation’s immigration program by breaking some rules like performing sham marriages.

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