Top Immigration Official in Mexico Resigns!

The top immigration official in Mexico, Cecilia Romero who is the head of the National Institute of Migration has resigned. This has come about after an incident where seventy two migrants came forth regarding the brutality of the drug cartels which has come about to control the human trafficking in the nation. Romero has held this position since December 2006.

The statement made by the Interior Department did not mention any specific reasons for her resignation. Although, it did praise the efforts of Romero to modernize the immigration system of the nation and improvisations in how migrants are being treated. The statement did not announce any name for her replacement.

The statement also mentioned that Romero has also been a congresswoman previously. She rose in the Calderon’s National Action Party. Soon, she brought about amends in the to the migrant holding centers throughout the nation making sure that immigration agents were extensively trained in the field of human rights.

As per an unknown government official, as a replacement the government is seeking who is experienced in the area of security. The official also pointed out that the massacre which took place about 3 weeks ago clearly shows the how interrelated illegal migration and drug trafficking are in Mexico.

The bodies of the above mentioned seventy two migrants were found in a ranch which was located at about 100 miles south of Brownsville in Texas. These dead migrants came from Central and South America.

During the investigations, seven members from the Zetas gang have been arrested. These members are suspected to have killed the migrants as they seemed to refuse to work as drug traffickers. As of now, these killings are considered to be the worst drug cartel massacre.

When it comes to immigration in Mexico, they have always been controlled by drug cartels who have always demanded money in exchange for passage through their territory. As per the authorities in Mexico, these drug cartels have lately been trying to recruit innocent migrants so as to smuggle drugs.

Many agreements were signed with different nations under Calderon which catered to the safe deportation along with providing some ease to the state of the migrants. More so, there is also a law which permits people to live illegally in the nation.

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