Writer Pamela Petro barred from UK!

Pamela Petro, an American writer who was employed with the assembly government to promote Wales has been denied entry to the UK. The concerned person was intending to work at the National Writer’s Center which is located new Criccieth, Gwynedd. But the hopes were shattered as soon as she got the news that she has been bare from entering the country.

The reason behind her rejection is that she failed to provide the necessary documentation which was necessary to gain entry in the country. She stated that she devoted thirty long years of her life to Wales (the place which she loved the most on this planet) and now this place is “off limits.”

Lack of ample documentation led to her denial to the country. It has been reported that she had an invitation to teach a course in creative writing, for which the sponsorship was provided by the assembly government. If she would have granted the entry by the immigration officers, she would have gone on to teach with Welsh poet Menna Elfyn.

She said that neither does she nor did her institution cared enough as to what all documentation were required to enter the country and work there.

She agreed that she was unwittingly wrong and said that the UKBA had all the rights to deny her entry in the UK but the question which she is asking is what has they achieved through her removal and what purpose has her barring from the country served?

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