Australia Asked by Indonesian Government to Process Detainees!

Reports believe that hundreds of Indonesians detainees are stuck in Australia in various charges related with people-trafficking. Hence, the Australian government has been asked by Indonesia to look into the detention process and fasten up the overall system.

A spokes person from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has confirmed that there are various pending detention cases lying with the Australian Police. In addition to that an official from the Indonesian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that these Indonesians who have been detained in the land of Kangaroos are a result of accumulation of plenty of cases which has piled up in the last twelve months.

Faizasyah, the concerned person said that the Australian government has been asked to pace up the overall procedure as a majority of people who have been detained are fisherman who were attracted to assist the smuggle people and were promised huge amount of money in return.

He went on to say that the main involvement from the people of Indonesia is due to the fact that a majority of these ships who intend to enter Australia in an undocumented manner pass through Indonesian waters. Hence, the participation cannot be ignored as Indonesia act as a stepping stone towards the final destination.

Moreover, there are thousands of fishermen in Australia whose fate has been lying in limbo as they have been waiting for their trial for more than seven months now.

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