Crack Points Based UK Tier 1 Visa Stream & Move Abroad!

UK Tier 1 Visa

UK Tier 1 Visa
UK Tier 1 Visa

Living in the UK is like living up your dreams. The nation has grabbed attention from worldwide because of its buoyant economy and wonderful lifestyle. The availability of plethora of employment opportunities is another feather in its cap and all are not lucky to grab its visa. The visa formalities for the UK are one of the most challenging which grants refusal to most of the migration seekers. Despite of the drawback, a person looks upon the country with great expectations and hope.

To help him with his dream fulfilling plans, the UK Tier 1 Visa is a trail that is entirely based upon a point system. Though the UK Visa is classified into 2 categories, i.e., Tier-1 and 2, the Tier-1 Visa assesses you on your profile and assigns you some points. Only highly skilled migrants get approval for visa who can contribute to the nation’s economy.

This point based evaluation goes as follows-

  • Highly Qualified Professionals: If you are highly qualified professional and your skill has a tendency to add-on to the country’s economy, then you make your way through this track. Acquiring a skill is just not enough; you need to grab a nomination from the specific bodies as well, such as Arts Council England, Royal Society, British Academy, and Royal Academy of Engineering.
  • Businessman: If you have enough funds and are ready to invest in the country, then the UK Tier 1 Visa helps you with your investment plans. Whenever you apply for visa, you are assessed on certain points on your profile. This includes your financial status, background and language abilities. Certain points are assigned on these parameters and the wishful migrant needs to secure the minimum qualifying marks which are set at 95. This assessment is for the person who is applying for the first time, whereas the renewal evaluation has different parameters for the person who lives in the country. You are assessed on your real time investments. How many jobs are created by you? What is your linguistic ability? How far you are involved in your own established business?
  • Investors: When you plan to migrate to Great Britain as an investor, in this case, securing 75 points in a point based system is mandatory for you. You get these points on ready funds that you want to invest. If you don’t have enough funds, then you can obtain credit facilities from the UK financial institution if you belong to any of these categories-

a. Writers, artists or composers

b. Highly talented migrants

c. Self-employed lawyers

d. Tier 1 general

e. Highly trained immigrant scheme (HSMP)

  • Graduated Business Owners: This specific category invites 1000 applications every year, and the person who is residing in the country is eligible to file under this category. It’s compulsory that you possess enough ability to implement your innovative ideas in the nation, and have talent to own a business in the country. While assessment, you need to garb minimum 95 points for successful and hassle-free migration to the hotspot.

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