Immigration to Canada with Investor Visa—A Very Good Option

Immigration to Canada

For all those aspiring migrants, Immigration to Canada with Investor Visa is a good option. It takes 24-36 months to migrate as permanent residents to the nation. If you are amongst those migrants who have completed 4 years of residency in the nation, then this visa category will open up a way for you to grab the prized citizenship.

If you are confused as to who can apply for this visa, then this article will prove beneficial to all those applicants who are confused about choosing the most suitable pathway to the hotspot. The norms are flexible and enticing, especially for talented managers and businessman if they wish to convert their dreams into reality.

Immigration to Canada
Immigration to Canada

There are few rights that a migrant enjoys when he decides to move to the hotspot with Investor Visa. Under this particular programme, there is no age limit and as such any language requirement. Moreover, there is no special obligation whatsoever for specific education as well. Once you have shifted to the Maple Leaf Country and completed 3 years of residency, then it takes 30 months for your family to receive their passports, which in turn will lead to seizing citizenship once upon successful completion of 3 years residency.

If you are amongst those educated managers or businessman then immigration to overseas hotspot with Investor Visa will be the most appropriate option for you.

With Canadian residency in mind through this track, you need to meet certain requirements.

  1. You need a certain fixed amount of money, i.e. 1, 600000 dollars earned by you through your business or handling a company.
  2. You have been involved in the business for at least two years during the last five years. If you are not running a company, and you wish to move to the destination following this visa track, then your management experience equally works for you.
  3. Immigration to Canada with Investor Visa calls for investment for a fixed time period of five years. If you are worried about your investments as to how you will get back, or what will be done with your invested amount, then you would be glad to know that your investments will be returned to you after five years and three months, but you will not get any interest on this investment, unlike your usual deposits.

The complete guide through a letter will be explained to you as to how to proceed further. You need to make investment prior to applying for PR. It is expected that you deposit the aforesaid amount in the mentioned bank. This invested money will help the economy to flourish and create jobs for the citizens.

Plus, part of this amount is given as grant to various associations, like immigration consultants, lawyers, brokerage firms that are involved in the migration process. The complete money is returned after a fixed period of five years three months, without any interest paid on this amount by the government.

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