Interested In PR? Obtain Canada Investor Visa!

Canada Investor Visa

Canada has always been the Number 1 immigration destination for the migrants. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the organization governing the visa and immigration laws of the nation, has opened up several attractive gateways like Canada Investor Visa and Canada PR visa etc… by which you can migrate to the country and enjoy its multiple benefits.

With a robust economy and secured old age system, the nation has more to offer. Apart from your education and skills, your wealth is another sure shot trail that helps realization of your dreams in the country.

Canada Investor Visa
Canada Investor Visa

Canada Investor Visa is an enticing proposal for all those trained managers and recognized businessman who wish to invest in the country. The visa opportunity not only helps the applicant but also lays red-carpet for his family and relatives. Upon grabbing entry to the country, not much is expected from you. With least requirement of education and age limit, you can cross the borders and live a secured life.

The trail expects you to make some fixed investment in the country for a period of five years and let it flourish, in return, granting Permanent Residency (PR) status to you. You need to meet the formalities of showing that you possess enough business experience that is required in this category.

Moreover, you possess capital worth 1,600,000 Canadian Dollars which you have earned by working legally in your country and you are happy to invest 800,000 Canadian Dollars out of it, in the nation. These three formalities clear your way to the hotspot.

This invested money is used for the growth of the economy and for the betterment of the nation where, you enjoy same benefits that are enjoyed by the citizen while living in the nation with the exception of one or two rights.

The investment made by you is divided into nation’s province and territories which is further utilized in creating jobs for the citizens. The amount remains invested for the period of five years. Some part of this investment money is given to financial institutions that use the money for grants and providing financial help to the needful.

Canada Investor Visa Procedure

If you are enticed by the nation’s investment visa, then first of all, you need to get your application approved for migration. Upon receiving approval, make sure that you make investments in the nation before you are granted a PR. The entire Canada PR Visa process should not take more than 30 days.

Moreover, a letter will be sent to you from the visa office, guiding you as to how to proceed further. Follow the track and reach the country, leaving footprints for your family members to follow and catch you there.

Though the investment is made for the betterment of the economy, your capital money remains safe with the nation. Upon successful completion of five years investment plan, your amount is returned to you after five years and three months, but without any interest.

A Canada Investor Visa is more economical as compared to any other nation’s investor visa. This is the main reason why you should go for this special category for the swift migration approach.

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