CSC and USCIS into Agreement!

CSC, a global provider of technological support has been assigned a $25 million contract by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in order to manage the latter’s data. The former will be responsible for various tasks like scanning, arranging and managing the files of USCIS. Both the parties are in an agreement for one year.

Initially, the Datatrac Information Systems Inc. was accredited for the very task in the year 2006 under a five-year contract, which estimated value was $150 million. But, the same year in December, CSC took over the possession of the Datatrac Information Systems Inc. As per the CSC’s agreement with USCIS, the former will assist USCIS in maintenance of USCIS’ various files, as well as in digitization of various types of records, which would include different kinds of applications and accounts. Digitization enables both USCIS and its customers to electronically access various records, such as requests of immigrants; applicant files for processing immigrant applications; naturalization petitions; requests for permanent status; and many more.

CSC is a premier global provider of solutions and services and its areas of expertise include information technology; systems integration; applications development for enterprises; management; hosting services; and other professional services. It offers services throughout many countries around the world through its business wings- Business Solutions and Services; the North American Public Sector; and the Managed Services Sector. It headquarters at Falls Church in Virginia, United States.

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