Five Bangladeshis got arrested for working illegally in UK!

The crime of illegal immigration is growing now days as people from developing countries move to foreign countries to support their families back at home. In developed countries like UK and US, their earning even from small jobs in primary sector is also quite high in comparison to developing countries.

Recently, a case of five Bangladeshi men came into light, who got arrested for working as an illegal immigrant in an Indian restaurant in Lincolnshire town of Stamford. The UK government is now taking measures to remove them from the country.

They were working in a restaurant, named Voujon Indian where they were caught by Britain’s immigration officer when he visited the restaurant for enquiry. The officers enquired them about their legal status and found that they were all working illegally as none possessed any legal permission to work in UK. Amongst them, two of them aged thirty-four years old and twenty-four years old exceeded the expiry of their work permit and the other aged 26 years old overstayed even after the expiry of his visa. The other two were 29 year old man who was an illegal entrant and 35 year old man who was a seeker of asylum. They all got arrested and thrown inside the jail. Soon, they all will be deported from UK.

The restaurant for which they were working for will now be paying up to 50,000 pounds as a penalty for employing the illegal migrants. This is an example for other business people who must make sure that their employees are legally allowed to work in UK; otherwise they also have to bear the punishment for hiring illegal workers. The rules of employing the foreigners are quite strict and must be followed otherwise irresponsible and casual attitude can take you to the doors of jail and punishment of heavy fine.

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