Curbing illegal immigrants a moral test for US!

The heated discussions on driving out illegal immigrants have become an everyday story in the US. The Senate majority leader Harry Reid on Tweeter posted that there would be voting on “Dream act” after thanksgiving. The “Dream act” bill was introduced in the year 2001. However, during mid-term elections this bill was turned down. The legislation if passed would offer the children of illegal immigrants US citizenship that would legalize their stand in education and military sector.

According to Texas Observer approx 90,000 children are deported back to the drug infested country Mexico. This deportation has no age bar, children just a few days old to 18 years are returned back to the Mexican cities.

The face of the dream act is Pedro Ramirez who was brought in US at the tender age of three. Ramirez is the president of student body at the Fresno State located in California. He openly admitted his status as an undocumented immigrant in to the country. Ramirez serves as an epitome of hard work, intelligence; he is the face of the dream act. Ramirez serves as a role model to work on the ethical issues related to banishing illegal immigration.

The California Supreme Court came up with the decision to lower the in state-tuition fees of the children of illegal immigrants on 15th November who have graduated from the state high-school. The decision was welcomed by the pro-immigration groups while the anti-immigration groups frowned on this decision for favoring illegal workers.

US has directed a lot of dollars and unprecedented power in the deportation of children, sadly there has been no outrage to transporting even babies in to an uncertain future. America has to take a stand on the ethical aspects of such deportations. There are currently 12 million undocumented immigrants in the US.

Dream act should be passed to avoid the reforms from affecting many people like Ramirez.

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