Danish Green Card Retains Popularity Despite Amendments!

There has been a reduction in the visa duration of the Danish Green Card. Despite this fact, a constant popularity has been seen in the case of Danish Green Card. The Immigration service has made amendments in the duration that a Green Card can be issues. Earlier it was three years, but now the span has been changed to just 18 months.

According to the rules, applicant residing and employed in Denmark under a Green Card residence permit has the freedom to apply for extension of two and a half years. But it is mandatory to apply for the same before the first 18 months are expired under the Danish Green Card system. Keeping in mind the eligibility criteria, the applicant may be given an extension for up to four years.

For all those, who are unaware of Danish Green Card, here is an overview: it is a points based system. The applicant is granted essential points on the basis of various facets including age, educational qualification and overall experience in the concerned field. Also, the country is in favor of the applicants demanded by the Danish economy. In addition to these essential aspects, proficiency in language also plays an important role in creating a gateway for an applicant to enter Denmark. He must have proficiency in languages like Swedish, Norwegian English, Danish or German

Denmark has become one of the most demanded prospective destinations for immigration, considering the kind of tough immigration rules implemented by countries like UK and US.

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