Filipinas Arrested by UK immigration!

The United Kingdom (UK) Border Agency recently interrogated and arrested seven Filipinas who were residing in London. The arrests followed operations on immigration related frauds going on all over in the country. In addition to that, their deportation is on the cards now. The arrests happened during various raids at different locations of Willesden in northwest London.

All seven women were taken into custody, along with their foreign nationals. According to an official release, these operations are an integral part of the major track down process that is going in all over the country to track down the aspect of fraud immigration, marriages that happen for the sake of immigration, organized immigration frauds and bogus educational institutions which are spreading their wings every where.

However, it has not been clear till now as to what violation has been attempted by these seven women in concern. The release said that the officials from the UK Border Agency got critical information regarding the movements and residing areas of people who are living in Willesden in an undocumented manner.

Raids were conducted at these places and it was found that 50 people were living in one single accommodation. They were taken into custody, out of which 11 arrests took place, 7 being Filipino women, and four Chinese nationals. Their violation of immigration laws has been unspecified till date.

Sources have confirmed that the agency is intending to work closely with the Philippines Government and come out with measures to solve the issue of illegal immigration.

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