Paris Hilton Stopped from Entering Japan!

Despite of Paris Hilton’s drug fall this week, she showed up before the officials of Japanese immigration just to assure whether they will allow her to visit the country or not.

After pleading guilty for the drug charge at Nevada, the celebrity socialite was barred to enter the country very next morning. However, the officials allowed her to stay at a hotel at the Narita airport to entreat the decision of barring her from Japan. She appeared at the airport very next morning for her hearing.

Paris Hilton was bound to visit Japan due to her contractual business and she never wanted to let many of her Asian fans and brands down. Japanese immigration rules do not allow any foreigner to enter the country who is in the probation period for committing an offence, Paris Hilton on the other hand despite of knowing this wanted to visit the country because of her prior business plans to visit Japan.

Hilton was punished for a year on probation basis with a fine of $2,000 and community service for 200 hours for pleading guilty for consuming drugs.

Paris Hilton was taken into authorized custody on her trip to Las Vegas when she and her boyfriend were caught by a motorcycle officer who suspected marijuana from their vehicle. Hilton even agreed that the small pack of cocaine found inside her pocketbook belonged to her only.

However, the American celebrity got baffled after getting to know that she was not allowed to enter Japan. Still, she is trying to fulfill her responsibilities concerned with the contract but it seems beyond her control now.

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