The Dream Act: An Aid to US Military Forces!

The Dream Act has been pushed for quite sometime by many immigration advocates. This act caters to those children who are born to illegal migrants and offers them a chance to be the legal residents of the United States. This way, these children could have a better future and can even pursue higher education in the nation.

One aspect of this which has not been publicized is to aid the armed forces. With the Development, Relief and Education for the Alien Minors Act, the Pentagon intends to cater more recruits to the armed forces.

However, the progress on this bill seemed to reduce when the Republicans in the Senate prevented a vote on bill which referred to spending on the defense. The Dream Act was attached to this bill. At the same time, the Democrats in the Senate vowed to introduce the bill again.

On the other hand, the Dream Act has been published as a way to replenish the staff by the Department of Defense. This act has been considered as an important initiative to expand the number of young people who would be eligible to join the armed formed.

As per this act, those individuals born to illegal migrants and were brought to the United States before they were 16 years of age and have lived in the nation for a minimum of 5 years, with no criminal record could become conditional residents for about 6 years. More so, these children should have obtained a high school diploma. They could then qualify to be permanent residents after they finish two years of college education. Otherwise, they could even serve a term of two years in the military in order to be the citizens of the nation.

Above all, this policy is definitely a green flag for the second generation of illegal migrants. It a chance to make a life for themselves, especially when they do not know of any other home except the United States.

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