Attention Database Analysts and Data Administrators! Canada FSW Immigration 2014 Scheme

The profession of Database Analysts and Data Administrators is one of the most promising given in the in-demand list brought out under the Canada FSW Immigration 2014 Scheme, and recently issued by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

As Database Analysts, you are responsible to develop, design and administer data management solutions using database management software, and as Data Administrators, you are responsible to develop and implement data administration policy, standards and models. Usually, these experts are hired by various information technology consulting firms and in information technology units, throughout both public and private sectors.

Your submission will be duly assessed on the basis of point system emphasizing on six main factors, i.e., your age, qualification, work experience, language skills, adaptability level, and arranged job in the country. You will have to prove your financial ability to support yourself and your family in the Maple Leaf Country.

Some Occupational Titles

  1. Data custodian
  2. Data dictionary administrator
  3. Data administrator
  4. Data warehouse analyst
  5. Database analyst
  6. Database administrator (DBA)

Job opportunities will easily come your way through multiple job creation as well as from the positions vacated by the professionals who may have been promoted or else could be about to retire from the profession.

Lately, business investment in machinery and equipment has increased, and as a result, the number of these experts has increased and it will continue to increase sharply over the next few years.

Key Duties

Database Analysts

  1. Collect and document different user requirements
  2. Design and develop database architecture for various information systems projects
  3. Design, construct, modify, integrate, implement and test data models and database management systems
  4. Undertake research projects and advice to IT professionals regarding the selection, application and implementation of database management tools
  5. Operate database management systems and to analyze data and perform data mining analysis.
  6. Lead, co-ordinate and supervise other workers

Data Administrators

  1. Develop and implement data administration policy, standards and models.
  2. Conduct research and document data requirements, data collection and administration policy, data access rules and security.
  3. Develop policies and procedures for network and maintain internet database access and usage for the backup and recovery of data.
  4. Undertake research projects and advice to information systems professionals regarding the collection, availability, security and suitability of data.
  5. Lead and co-ordinate teams of data administrators in the development and implementation of data policies, standards and models.

Key Requirements

You need a graduation or a post-graduation degree in Computer Science or Mathematics, plus computer programming experience. You also need to have at least 1 year of work experience.

In the backdrop of the fact that the CIC has limited the number of applications to 1000, and your chosen occupation being quite popular, submit your petition today!

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