Attention Electrical and Electronics Engineers! Canada FSW Immigration 2014

Under the well-known and widely used Canada FSW Immigration 2014 Plan, a total of 25,000 new applications will be accepted. The applicants must have at least one year of work experience in one of 50 eligible occupations mentioned on the in-demand list. A maximum of 1,000 petitions will be accepted per eligible occupation. And if you are one of the many skilled Electrical and Electronics Engineers who is interested in Canada immigration, then hold your breath. The occupation is one of the 50 occupations.

These experts provide technical support and services in designing, development, testing, production and operation of electrical and electronic equipment and systems. They are employed by electrical utilities, communications companies, and manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment, consulting firms, and a wide range of manufacturing, processing and transportation industries.

Since an impressive number of graduates continue to drop as a result, a sharp increase in demand is anticipated. High growth of computer and electronic components also results in higher requirements for all the occupations related to the maintenance and repair of the industrial machinery. Slowly and steadily, the need for these professionals will continue to increase.

Key Duties

  • Undertake research into the feasibility, design, operation and performance of electrical generation and distribution networks, electrical machinery and components and electronic communications, instrumentation and control systems, equipment, and components.
  • Estimate material cost and timing, write report and design specifications for electrical and electronic systems and equipment.
  • Supervise the installation, commissioning, and operation of electrical and electronic equipment. They develop maintenance and operating standards for electrical and electronic systems and equipment.
  • Design electrical and electronic circuits, components, systems and equipment they also conduct micro or nano devices simulations, characterization, process modeling and integration in the development of new electronic devices and products.
  • Investigate electrical or electronic failures and prepare contract documents and evaluate tenders for construction or maintenance.
  • Supervise technicians, technologists, programmers, analysts and other engineers.

Key Job Requirements

  • Mainly a three years Bachelor’s Degree in electrical or electronics engineering or in an appropriate related engineering discipline.
  • A two year’s master’s or doctoral degree in a related engineering discipline.
  • Licensing by a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers is required to approve engineering drawings and reports and to practice as a Professional Engineer.
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is offered by the Canada Green Building Council and may be required by some employers.

Example Titles

  • control systems engineer
  • avionics engineer
  • distribution planning engineer, electrical
  • design engineer, electrical
  • electrical engineer
  • electronics engineer
  • electrical network engineer

To move to Canada through the FSW program 2014 as Electrical and Electronics Engineers is frankly not an easy task. Although the complete process is smooth and transparent, a lot of paper work needs to be done.

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