Attention Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanics!

If you are one of the skilled Industrial Instrument Technician and Mechanics, in hope of a better and prosperous life overseas, then here is an opportunity for you. The Canada Immigration authorities have recently announced a list of 50 in-demand occupations under Canada FSW Immigration 2014.

As a result of impressive growth and investment in the manufacturing sector, the number of these professionals has increased. Employment opportunities in this thriving sector will further increase when the experts retire, or are promoted or shift to other occupations.

These experts are responsible to maintain, repair, adjust calibrate and install industrial measuring and controlling instrumentation equipment. These professionals are employed by nuclear and hydro power generating companies, paper processing firms, petrochemical and natural gas groups, industrial instrument and other manufacturing organizations.

Occupational Titles

  1. Instrumentation technician, industrial
  2. Instrument technician, industrial
  3. Apprentice industrial instrument mechanic
  4. Industrial instrument mechanic
  5. Process control equipment mechanic

Key Responsibilities

  1. Develop manuals, circuit diagrams and blueprints to determine tests and maintain procedures for instruments used for measuring and controlling flow, chemical composition, pressure, level, temperature and other variables in manufacturing and processing.
  2. Conduct inspection and test operation of instruments and systems to diagnose faults using pneumatic, electrical and electronic testing devices and precision measuring instruments.
  3. Repair and adjust different system components such as different transmitters, sensors and programmable logic controllers. They also calibrate components and instruments according to manufacturers’ specifications.
  4. Deliver scheduled preventive maintenance work and write reports, they also install and control instruments on existing and new plant equipment and processes.
  5. Whenever necessary, consult and advise process operators.


To become one of the Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanics, you need to complete senior secondary school, a graduation or post graduation degree in industrial instrument repair. For trade certifications, you must have completed a post graduate degree in industrial instrumentation along with years of demonstrated work experience. Promotion to supervisory positions is possible only with experience.

Under a recently announced Federal skilled Worker program applicants are evaluated on the basis of six factors, to determine their immigration eligibility. In total, the aspirants should successfully score 67 points out of 100 in order to qualify. The six main selection factors are: age, education, language proficiency, prior work experience, adaptability, and arranged job in Canada. The programs aim to select the candidates with a high professional credibility and ability to contribute to country’s economy. The applicant also has to prove his financial ability to support himself and his family in the Maple Leaf Country.

It is both exciting and an open opportunity to see so many new occupations on this list, the most popular are likely to fill  quickly, and your occupation Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanics is the popular and most demanded occupation with a cap limit of 1000 submissions. So, apply before the door of opportunity closes on you!

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