Debating Immigration

Recently, the Australian Parliament witnessed a major debate between the Australian Prime Minister – Kevin Rudd and the Leader of Opposition – Malcolm Turnbull. The key area of discussion was the impact of the government’s immigration policies.

However, the Mr. Rudd feels that the situation is much better than what it was before during the previous government.

The debate came into the picture when a group of Sri Lankan illegal immigrants were caught trying to venture in to the Australian domains. It was intercepted by the Indonesian navy. More than 250 people at the Indonesian port of Merak. Of these, around 150 men refused to food and drink leading to a hunger strike. This was an urge to lead to a faster solution to their problem. The strike finally came to an end on 17th October.

Another similar instance was a boat found with 42 people seeking shelter on the west coast of Australia.

The above mentioned examples clearly sited the increase in the number of illegal immigrants trying to walk into the country via the Indonesian coastline. In order to stop such intrusion, the Australian Prime Minister is on a quest to negotiate an agreement with Jakarta to stop such transits by refugees.

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