Ship Decked with Tamils Entering Canada Seized

In an attempt to stop illegal immigration, Canadian authorities have recently seized a ship called ‘Ocean Lady’ that was carrying refugees to Vancouver. The vocal spokesman for the Canadian Tamil Congress, David Poopalapillai, stated that these people resemble Tamilians. Therefore, the speculation is that the group of people is from Sri Lanka as the 76 males that were brought to the city are now sent to jail for further questioning.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) confirmed that they are currently into the procedure of questioning the concerned people but the whole episode looks an attempt at human smuggling.

In a statement by Canadian Border Services Agency, the passengers are sent to a “Correction Facility” for further examination on the origin of the ship.  Rob Johnston, of the CBSA, stated that they are doing their best to meet the personal requirements of the people in question, in accordance with the Canadian law.

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