Amendments in the Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Recent changes have been executed by the Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney to the Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker program.

The Canadian government believes that the immigrants on temporary work permit are an asset to the country contributing to its economy. Hence, the government feels that in return they should ensure that these work permit programs do allow any form of exploitation or discrimination. The amendments include the following:

  • The job standards would be raised to emphasize the importance and what it takes to get such a job in Canada. Also, this would see to it that the employer offering a job has stuck to the norms with reference to the Federal and the Provincial Labor Laws. For instance, the Canadian law does not permit the employers to levy any fee on the workers.
  • Duration of the work visa would be restricted. Thus, under the new scheme, an immigrant residing in Canada for 4 years is not permitted to work in the same country for 6 years.
  • All the employers hiring the immigrants would also be mentioned on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Also, there would be a prohibition of 2 years for all the employers who have offered different incomes, work environment etc. apart from that offered in the conditions.

These changes have been executed after a thorough research and in consultation with the main aspects that were found to be having voids in the process.

During these times of recession, the Canadian economy has stood firm which has been due to the immigrants still considering it a great place to work and invest. These steps could be considered as welcoming which would ensure the immigrants on an equal plate with the local citizens. Also, it would better look into those needs where the Canadian economy is deficient in human resources.

As per the government, the temporary work permits are to ensure that all the deficits are filled by the immigrants. In addition, these skills are imparted to the local professionals who in turn could train many more and overcome this deficiency in the market. Thus, only those immigrants needed on a short term basis are hired.

So, if you think that you have those skills which could help you land with a job in Canada. we suggest this is right time to apply. To know more, consult an immigration and visa specialist since he would be updated with all the latest in this regard.

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