New Assessment Test for Australian Citizenship

A new test has been introduced by the Australian Government for all the visa holders applying for citizenship in Australia. This new assessment test is said to be weighing the candidates on a more equal ground compared to the previously implemented test.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has excluded all the mandatory questions which were present earlier and now, all questions have equal weightage in terms of marks.

The main purpose of the test is to assess the civics of the Australian society that has been ingrained by a prospective citizen or the visa holder. Also, they would be questioned on the responsibilities they have to bear and other privileges that they could avail. The subjects include the laws, the Australian government and the democratic beliefs and so on.

All the questions would be of multiple choices and would be derived from citizenship test resource books known as the Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond. This book is very useful for all those planning seek an Australian Citizenship.

To know more, contact an Immigration and Visa Specialist who would guide you through the very latest in this regard.

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