Decoding Australia Skilled Independent Visas (subclass 885)

Are you interested in immigrating to Australia, for work and residence purposes, even as you wish to gain permanent residence (PR) status therein? If YES, you would perhaps be interested in Australia Skilled Independent Visas (subclass 885).

You would be glad to know that sponsorship by a recruiter or area is not the sole choice for the foreign students keen in permanent immigration to Australia and discovering work opportunities. The Australia Skilled Independent Visas (subclass 885) permits offer PR to independent candidates, who possess the indispensable characteristics for the nation’s job market. Much like other General Skilled Migration (GSM) permits, a points test arrangement is employed to review the applicants’ suitability, or otherwise.

Basically, it’s a permanent residence permit even while, as a permanent resident, the holder is allowed to stay in the country for an indefinite period. This permit enables the holder to travel to and gain admission into the country for a period of 5 years from the date the permit is granted.

Significantly, the permit’s termination does not influence one’s permanent resident condition in case he is Australia. But, those who wish to carry on travelling to and from Down Under-as a permanent resident, post the expiry of the initial permit–have to gain a Resident Return Visa (RRV). The candidate’s eligibility (or otherwise) for an RRV is dependent on the time-frame the person has lived in the Kangaroo Land.

Who can make the grade?

This kind of independent permit is primarily meant for those who–as mentioned just a short while ago–are already present in the nation, and who fall into one of these categories:

  1. Foreign students or ex foreign students,
  2. Holders of a Skilled Graduate subcategory 485 Permits or a Skilled Recognized Graduate subclass 476 Permits, and
  3. Holders of a Trade Skills Training subcategory 471 Permits.

To be accepted, the candidates ought to also:

Be below 45 years; possess reasonably competent English language skills; and cater to the Australian standards for a vocation mentioned on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

What the Australia Skilled Independent Visas (subclass 885) enable the holders to do?

Among others, it

  1. Enables the holder and any secondary aspirants included in his permit submission to reside as permanent residents in Down Under.
  2. Take a trip to and gain admission into the country for a period of 5 years from the date the permit is given.
  3. Pursue studies in the Kangaroo Land at school, Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector or university.
  4. Offer sponsorship to individuals for PR.
  5. Gain funded healthcare via Medicare & the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).
  6. Benefit from some social security payments.
  7. Be qualified for the prized citizenship.

Australia Skilled Independent Visas (subclass 885) Conditions

Frankly, no obligations whatsoever are placed on this permit. Those who are given this permit can stay and do a job across anywhere in Down Under, and get involved with any kind of work-opportunity. However, it’s essential that the holder, and any additional secondary candidates, also follow the laws of the land even as the inability to do the same could impact their capability to stay in the country.

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