Deciphering Australia Working Holiday Permits

Many people keen to visit Australia, for study and enjoyment purposes, wish to know if they can simultaneously do a job, and finance their visit to the amazingly beautiful country, which is also known as ‘Down Under’ and/or the ‘Kangaroo Land’.

Well, they would be happy to know that the nation’s concerned immigration department, i.e., Department of Immigration and Border Protection, runs and manages over 100 kinds of permits for the would-be migrants even as there’s a special permit for those who wish to both enjoy their holidays and work in the nation at the same time.

Australia Working Holiday Visas

Those who wish to do a job while they are enjoying holiday in Australia should file a petition for the right permit, prior to landing in the country. Canberra has stringent laws involving the non-citizens’ employment and fines for violating the law. The same applies to every kind of permanent, part-time, informal, shift and unpaid employment.

The Kangaroo Land proffers a Working Holiday Maker Scheme which enables young visitors from the involved nations to enjoy an extended holiday in the country and take home money, via short-term employment. Two kinds of Working Holiday Maker permits are up for grabs, namely, Work and Holiday visa (Subcategory 462), & Working Holiday visa (Subcategory 417).

The permit one ought to submit a submission for depends on the candidate’s specific nation of domicile. The said kinds of permits enable the holder to reside and do a job in Down Under for a maximum of one year or 12 months, and inside this period leave and gain re-admission into the country as many times as they could be interested in.

The holder of Working Holiday Permits for Australia may do a job for a maximum of six months with a single recruiter and pursue studies for a maximum of 4 months. Those who fruitfully file a petition for a second working holiday permit may do a job for an additional 6 months for the recruiter/firm with whom he worked under his 1st working holiday permit in the country.

Significantly, the given permit is duly tailored for those who want to supplement their travel to the Kangaroo Land with a working holiday. In case one wants to travel to the nation for just work purposes, one must submit a submission for a permit purposely for the said object. In a situation wherein one has freshly graduated, then maybe the Australia 476 Permit will be suitable for him.

To be accepted for Australia Working Holiday Permits, the aspirants should be from 18 to 30 years even as there is a non-refundable fee to be duly paid at the time of the visa application’s presentation.

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