Get Hold of Australian Permanent Residence Visa!

Permanent Residence Card of Australia is a much sought after visa even while it rivals the US Green Card, in terms of popularity and acceptance, besides usefulness. Several foreign nationals, who arrive in the country for work, business, and/or study purposes–on temporary & provisional permits—become qualified for permanent residence in the country.

Residence in Down Under for Trained Aliens

For the manpower from abroad one path to get permanent residency in the country is the well-known program General Skilled Migration (GSM); it’s is a helpful plan duly tailored by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia to draw those employees between 18 and 45 years who aren’t blessed with a sponsoring recruiter/job-provider.

Australia PR Visa Options

These are the available choices for becoming a permanent resident in Australia:

  1. Skilled Independent Residence Permit (subcategory 885): It’s meant for the students with a qualification from two years’ study in Down Under, who could be qualified to stay, and do a job in the nation permanently.
  2. Skilled Sponsored Residence Permit (subcategory 886): It’s meant for certain temporary permit holders or overseas graduates who have two years’ study in the country, and who are blessed with a sponsoring family member, territory or state.
  3. Skilled Independent Migrant Permit (subcategory 175): It meant for those candidates located outside the country whose expertise is in demand, & who sail through the points test.
  4. Skilled Sponsored Migrant Permit (subcategory 176): It’s another popular visa path for the PR aspirants. Though it necessitates a lower points-test mark, the candidates ought to be blessed with a sponsoring relative, territory or state.

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