Decoding Top Australian PR Benefits

Australian PR Benefits

Australia’s huge land mass, superb lifestyle, superlative healthcare & educational facilities, excellent infrastructure, and wonderful natural and man-made attractions inspire all–from India to Indonesia, from Bhutan to Britain. To say that Australia is an incredible country will be an underestimation.

But then Oz has much to offer. From beaches to landscapes, from a highly balanced lifestyle to a higher standard of living, Down Under always wins the race when it comes to the selection of an overseas destination. The country has won laurels across the globe and inspired all because of its amazing lifestyle and very strong economy.

If you are also one of the lovers of this amazing destination, and find yourself highly fascinated by it, then you need to apply for its Permanent Residency (PR) so that you can enjoy the freedom of living, working and studying in this highly wonderful and nature-blessed nation.

Top Australian PR Benefits

Numerous benefits greet the visa holders. Some of them are mentioned here under:

  1. Relish permanently living on the mammoth Island Nation–Grabbing its PR enables you to live on the country indefinitely. You can travel to and from the Kangaroo Land freely. At first, the visa is issued for 5 years, and this can be applied again, no matter you are in or outside the nation.
  2. Choices opens up for higher and better education–On obtaining PR, the person enjoys unlimited freedom to choose a study course and university. There are some education loans that could be obtained by the PR holders. These will take care of the person’s financial situation and help him meet the study expenses.
  3. Helps you get Work Permit–By grabbing the Kangaroo Land’s PR, the holder opens up his ways of getting a Work Permit in the country. This allows him to take up any occupation under any employer, though his Work Permit doesn’t allow him to work in public or armed services. This Work Permit also enables them to claim worker’s compensation.
  4. Entitlement to healthcare–This is one of the most beneficial aspects of the PR that the holder draws. It allows him to enjoy world-class health insurance scheme known as Medicare run by the government. With this insurance scheme, a person can get free treatment at the different public hospitals running in the country. Health and medical support being a crucial necessity, this benefit is something that much inspires the PR Visa holders in the country and they feel blessed and secure.
  5. Benefits offered by the Social Security Department–This department offers some amazing and highly useful benefits, like a sickness, unemployment and other student benefits. When a person gets the PR of Australia, he is entitled to receive all these advantages.
  6. Lays a track for dependents–A PR holder’s family also enjoys the benefits. With the PR power in his hand, he can sponsor his dependents and relatives after meeting certain obligations and requirements.
  7. Benefits enjoyed by the children–The kids of the person who has grabbed PR, are an Australian citizen by birth even as it enables them to enjoy all the benefits in the field of healthcare and education. And is not this one of the highly valuable Australian PR benefits?
  8. Lays red carpet for a New Zealand Visa–A person who holds a PR of the Kangaroo Land is eligible to submit an application for the New Zealand Visa. In the process, he grabs easy entry to the named country, and this is the special privilege that is granted to the PR Visa holders by Oz.
  9. Right to apply for assistance at Australian Consular–This is amongst one of the huge benefits that a person enjoys by being a privileged PR holder. Safety being a major issue while living in an alien country and when there is some problem and things get tougher for him he can seek help from the Australian Consulate.

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