Permanent Immigration–Are You Motivated?

Permanent Immigration

Any person who dreams to live in abroad in a specific nation needs to obtain its Permanent Residency (PR). It’s his visa category that allows him entry to the nation and permanent immigration is on the basis of his details submitted to the concerned visa and immigration authorities. A person who has moved to a nation is not the citizen of that particular country, but PR status in that nation can help him claim the nation’s citizenship in the future.

When it comes to immigration, Canada is perhaps the most suitable destination. It is an ideal place to look forward to, thanks to its higher employment rate, no corruption feature, world-class education, wonderful weather, and most importantly, its sparse population. The nation offers a high standard of living to every migrant along with safety and living benefits.

Canada Immigration

The applicant, who is looking for permanent immigration to Canada, can select the most suitable visa type from the various options up-for-grabs.

a) Express Entry

  1. Skilled Migrant Programme
  2. Federal Skilled Worker Programme
  3. PNP Programme
  4. Canadian Experience Class

b) Quebec Skilled Worker Programme

c) Family Sponsorship

d) Entrepreneur or Start up Visa

e) Live in Caregiver Programme

All these categories offer permanent immigration to an expat. All these specific schemes are fully supported by the nation’s its point based immigration system. The selection of the migrant depends on his total scores, which should not be less than 60 points.

The candidate scores points on his education (Additional education is always a plus point in this factor as it helps in seizing more points than a common education level), age (Younger applicants are at more profitable stage as they get more points under this category, especially 25-32 age group they are the highest corer of 25 points), professional experience ( more work experience means more points), language proficiency (English is an international language but to seize more points an aspiring migrant needs to know French as well. This may lead to gaining more points), adaptability (A person should be able to sustain his life in the Maple Leaf Country and possess enough funds to support his living there.)

When an expat is granted immigration rights on a permanent basis, he is given a Permanent Card (PR Card) that allows him hassle-free entry to the overseas hotspot. This card helps him getting re-entry to the nation. It also provides him with several benefits.

  • Allows him to work, study, and live anywhere in the nation.
  • This card opens up his ways of grabbing the Canadian citizenship.
  • A PR holder enjoys healthcare and other social benefits that come with the card.
  • The migrant is safe and is protected under the Canadian law.

Though the PR Card holder enjoys numerous benefits, he is not allowed to vote, and he cannot take up a job of high level security clearance. The nation has 10 provinces and 3 territories even as every province has its own rules to grant permanent immigration. A wishful migrant can meet the expectations and grab Canada PR followed by citizenship.

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