Get Required Australian PR Points, Live Abroad Permanently!

Australian PR Points

The gateway known as a PR point system that allows hassle free entry to Australia is one of the most organized and systematic systems for immigration. Australian PR points system allows the aspirants to work and live in the country.
The PR can be further used for citizenship, and one can enjoy multiple benefits that are solely manipulated by the Australian citizens. For entry, one needs to obtain a valid visa to the nation. At first, visa is issued for a period of 5 years and then it can be renewed further. The applicant may apply for renewal either from the country or from outside.

Access to Oz is solely owned by its point based system. Certain points are assigned to the wishful migrant on the basis of his age, education, profession and language skills. Adaptability to the nation’s atmosphere, along with sound character and health certificate, also add on to the applicant profile of the person who dreams to make a difference in his life by migrating to the Kangaroo Land.

To know your eligibility status, calculate your points that are supported by –

Education– A person with higher education no wonder scores more Australian PR points under this category. It’s his higher degree that claims the highest points. A person, who holds a PhD degree or equivalent to Doctorate, grabs 20 points provided the degree is allotted by the Australian educational institution or other recognized standard.
Age– Here your present age determines your points. The lesser the age, more are the points. All fuelled by attracting younger generation, 30 points are assigned to the applicant in the age group of 25 -32. A hopeful migrant in the age group of 18-24 and 33-39 gets 25 points. And, 15 points are given for 40-44 age slot and zero point after 44 ages.
Work experience–A wishful expat’s work experience facilitates in getting some points. Points based on work experience depend on two categories–Australian work experience or overseas experience. There is a slight difference in the points that are assigned under these two categories with more value given to the Australian work experience. An applicant with 8-10 years of experience overseas bags 15 points, whereas 20 points are assigned to the candidate with the same experience but from Australian work experience.
Language ability–Knowledge of English is a must for the applicant and he needs to clear the ILETS exam for migration purpose. His ILETS scores help him seize a few points depending on his score. With a minimum score of 6 he gets 0 points, and if the scores 7 in ILETS he gets 10 points, and 20 points are assigned if the migrant scores 8 in ILETS exam.

Though these are 4 strong pillars of Australian PR points, a person still can snatch few more points if he successfully gets nomination from the state or territory government. This will provide him with 5 points, and if he manages to get the nomination from the eligible Australian family member, he gets 10 points. He should score minimum of 60 points for convenient and lawless migration.

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