Presenting Application for Permanent Residence in Canada? Be Alert!

Permanent Residence in Canada

Canada has always attracted the global community for its secured employment and lifestyle. Migrants across the globe look for its Permanent Residency (PR) so that they can enjoy a better standard of living. It’s easier to grab the nation’s PR because of the multiple choices and flexible immigration policies.

There are several categories under which a person can submit his application for permanent resident Canada.

  1. Skilled Immigrant Programme
  2. Quebec Skilled Programme
  3. Entrepreneurship and Investor Programme
  4. Provincial Nomination Programme
  5. Sponsorship Programmes
  6. Live in Caregiver Programme

Verify your Eligibility to Apply

Are you qualified for application for PR in the Maple Leaf Country? It all depends on your purpose to visit the nation. Are you planning to study, work or live permanently there in? Immigration programmes that are mentioned above have different eligibility requirements. The most common questionnaire depends on the information submitted by a person –

  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. Work experience
  4. Family members
  5. Income
  6. Language ability
  7. Nationality
  8. Details if a person has received any sponsorship or nomination.

All these factors determine your most eligible route to the Maple Leaf Country. On the determination of your eligibility, an applicant should clearly understand what the PR Card is. And what are the benefits he can enjoy after grabbing this PR.

Permanent Resident Card (PRC) gives you the liberty to travel to another country and then back to Canada. If a migrant leaves the Maple Leaf Country, then he needs to show this card while reentering, and without this card he can board bus, plane or even a boat to the nation. Plus, the possession of this card doesn’t mean that the holder is a citizen of the country.

An aspiring migrant can apply online for grabbing Canada PR and enjoy social benefits that are enjoyed by the citizens. It also allows him to work, study and living there in. This card opens up the ways for grabbing citizenship. Plus, a person gets protection under the Canadian law.

Entering in the overseas hotspot is purely based on a points system. In this system an applicant gets points based upon his age, education, work experience, and language skills. The information provided on these factors determines his eligibility to get PR.

When an aspirant submits application for permanent residence in Canada, he has to get at least 60 points. This is the minimum score that he needs to secure, whereas points above this level will no wonder enable swift entry to the nation.

Apart from these, a person must make sure that he fills the application form with utmost care. Any mistake or incomplete information may lead to its rejection. In some cases, he may not be even allowed to apply again.

Submit all necessary documents along with photocopies and originals that are asked for. If an applicant finds some information relevant to the visa formalities, but there is no place of it in the application form, then he may write his information on plain paper and present it along with his application form to the concerned authorities.

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