Want To Permanently Live Abroad? Fill PR Card Application Carefully!

PR Card Application

Most developed global economies–such as Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US, and Canada–have always attracted migrants from across the globe because of their better standard of living, flexible migration policies, superlative healthcare and educational facilities, robust economy, and endless employment opportunities.

For hassle-free immigration to any of these or some other overseas immigration hotspot, an aspiring migrant needs to follow a set track that includes the submission of the visa application duly followed by an interview, and finally getting a visa.

An aspiring migrant needs to fill Permanent Residence (PR) card application before proceeding for the immigration process. PR status is one of the most sought after positions even as a large number of the overseas immigration motivated aspirants leave no stone unturned whatsoever to get it, for obvious reasons.

Developed countries that follow points based system for immigration access the applicants on the basis of their education, professional experience, age, adaptability to the nation and language proficiency. Depending on the details submitted by the aspirant he is assigned some points.

The minimum scores required are 60 points for Australia PR. This is the required threshold and the applicant needs to score more than this. Every addition to this limit proves fruitful to the candidate, as this elevates his chances of grabbing PR Card and making the cut. The application is submitted online and guidance is provided to an expat for filling it.

The major point of issue that bothers most developed economies is the safety and security of its residents, and that’s why it’s asked from each and every candidate to submit health and character certificates.

His sound health norms will help in keeping a check on the various communicable diseases, and his character certificate will help in knowing that he is not involved in any kind of criminal activities. No nation in the world will like to allow the entry of a person who does not have a clean background, rightfully so.

As mentioned before, the PR status is one of the most sought after positions even as the PR Card is one of the most attractive cards attached to the immigration process. By grabbing the PR of a specific country–for instance, Canada–a person enjoys many benefits of the country. It’s not only he who is at profitable position but also his dependents and partners who benefit from the PR Card.

PR Card Application

It should be filled with due care as any single mistake in it may lead to its rejection. Before filling it, carefully read all the rules and regulations that are part of the application. Completely understand the question and only then answer it honestly.

Usually, cheaters and fraud people are kept away from the nation, so it’s always better to fill the entire application form rather carefully and with all honesty. A candidate will be cross checked with the particulars submitted by him during the interview.

Any difference in the details that are presented by the applicant may lead to the rejection of the application. In some specific cases, he may not be allowed to re-apply for the visa. And this is certainly not something very inspiring, right?

While filling the application, a person may get stuck at some point where he is unable to answer the question. At this point he is expected to write “Not applicable” or N/A in the space provided for the reply. This gives information to the concerned authorities that he has read the application form completely.

If an applicant wants to submit extra information–which is not mentioned in the application form and he finds it rather necessary–then he may write on a plain piece of paper and attach extra sheet stating complete information.

Summing-up, it matters how you fill the PR Card application for a specific destination. A great deal of the success of your application depends on you. So, do not spoil it and go for the kill! Your dream destination beckons you!

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