Decoding US L-1B, H-1B Visa Permit Requirements

Immigration is something that could test your will and resistance, and if you are moving to a country that follows the strictest immigration rules, it is evident that you can have nightmarish experience. Well to no surprise, you would be feeling the same way when you are moving to—well, you guessed it absolutely right–the US.

Now, you may wonder that why so. Well, if you are of the 9/11 event which is certain that you are, and the number of illegal immigrants in the country, you will understand why. In a nation that is lauded as a Super Power, in an overall if some 11 millions are illegal immigrant, you must, as a government would take some strong stands, and the US has been adamant towards taking the toughest ones at this juncture.

Hence, you are witnessing that the apex US immigration and visa body, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), has been pretty vigilant towards processing and approving different visas.

In this piece, you will get a grasp of few of the visas, like the L-1B Visa permits, H1B, L-2 and many such as tourist, student, business and workers visas and the respective requirements that they demand for the processing.

The overall picture is that this article would help you get in line with different visas that you should understand and use according to the need for streamlining the movement.

  1. L-1B Visa Permit—Requirements

The L-1B Visa is basically a non-immigrant visa allowing the US employers in other countries to petition against the best employees that they can send to the parent company and seek their services. It is not necessary that the employer should have an operational office prior to the movement. There are possibilities that the employee can be petitioned or sponsored to open an office in the overseas hotspot.

So, the visa serves different purpose. At the same time, the dual intent nature of this visa makes it more fascinating. You can use this non-immigrant visa even to get Green Card and Permanent Residency (PR). But for such incidents and situations, it is crucial that the employer is ready to finance and sponsor the requirements.

For meeting with the L-1B Visa, it is decisive that the petitioner and employee must fulfill the following requirements.

For the Employer /Petitioner

  • It is crucial that the petitioner has qualifying relationship with the US. By qualifying relationship, it is meant that offices are present in both the home and the alien operational country.
  • It is vital for the petitioner to ensure that they are doing business in both the countries till the time the L-1B visa holder stays in the US.

For the Employee/Beneficiary/Alien

  • It is imperative for the alien to ensure that they have been in the business with the company for one full year.
  • It is important that the alien must be with the same firm sponsoring the visa for one full year 3 years, prior to the movement.

These are just some of the requirements that the L1B visa seeks for its acceptance and processing.

H1-B Visa Requirements

Like the L1-B Visa, the H1B Visa is also a non-immigrant visa and it allows the US employer to recruit and employ the foreign workers for a specified period of time. The maximum time limit that you will have to consider in place is 6 years. However, the dual intent lets the visa holder to even contest for PR and get even Green Card, as per the terms and conditions as streamlined in the visa.

The requirements are very simple and the employer has to fill up the hiring or the petitioning application, and under the petition, it is important that the demands are met as set by the USCIS, and every year a total of 65,000 applications are processed. Hence, accordingly you have to plan things and work towards its fulfillment.

These are few ways through which the visas work and you have to meet with the requirements accordingly.

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