Defending Immigration Law in Nebraska City!

More time has been given to lawyers by a judge for filing briefs regarding a dispute over an ordinance in the city. As per this ordinance, the landlords and businesses would not be permitted to rent and hire illegal migrants.

This ordinance was approved by the local voters of Fremont, Nebraska way back in June. It was to be implemented immediately in July. However, the ordinance was sued to be thrown out by the American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. According to these bodies, the regulation is discriminatory in nature and in contrast to the state law. So, the ordinance was suspended by the City Council till the legality of this ordinance is decided by the court.

On the other hand, in the beginning of November, Laurie Smith Camp, a US District Judge denied the request for permission to temporarily restrain the order against the above regulation. Instead, the city was given a deadline of 3rd December to respond to the motion to be given to the preliminary injunction. However, the city has asked for some more time to present its response.

If the reports are to be believed, a new deadline was also given by Smith Camp which stands as on 21st January for filing arguments against the mandate. However, 18th February is the deadline for ACLU and the fund to give their response to the arguments put by the city.

If the ordinance is implemented, it would mean that all the employers in Fremont have to make use of an online system implemented by the federal authorities that would check if an immigrant is legally eligible to be employed in the United States or not. This ordinance would also need the people availing a property on rent to pay $5 and apply for a permit at the City Hall in Fremont.

In the above case, the citizens would be given a permit while those who are not would have to submit a documentary proof. The legal status of the non-citizens would be checked and if found to be illegal, they would be asked to either resolve the issue of their status or would be compelled to leave the rented property. At the same time, the landlords attempting to rent properties to illegal migrants knowingly would have to pay fine of about $100.

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