UK illegal immigration scam busted!

Last year January, Rebutia Team of Leicestershire Constabulary and the UK Border Agency (UKBA) took up the investigation of finding out the ones behind the illegal immigration of people landing in Canada with insufficient travel documents from the Manchester airport, UK. The probe was carried out because of the growing suspicion of the Manchester airport authorities.

Investigations put light on a big network of criminal activities done by a group of lawful holders of UK passport, who bought tickets for Canada travel, and proceeded to board the Canada bound flight from Manchester airport. At this point there was a switch, another person, an illegal immigrant in UK used to travel to Canada using fake passports. The investigations in this regard led to the Leicester Constabulary, where the investigators tracked down the bunch of men who used their credit cards with their names to make ticket purchase but made different people board the Canada flight using their names.

Five men from Leicester were proven arrested in this scam. The group consisted of Bhavesh Patel, Satish Ravat, Sandip Singh Rana, Jaswinder Chahal, and Vishal Jitendra Shah. All between the age group of 25-30 except Chahal who was 42 years of age. Their crime was proven at the Leicester crown court. There came from various places within Leicester while Patel hailed from Hamilton, Ravat was from Arbour Road, Chahal came from Swithland Avenue, Shah was from Braemar Close.

The arrest warrant included many people, along with the accused mentioned above. The jail sentence was served differently for each person. Rana and Shah were served 28 months jail sentence, Patel and Ravat were sentenced to 20 months imprisonment, on the other hand, Chahal received a sentence of 15 months imprisonment.

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