Delhi Based US Embassy Stops Processing Immigrant Visas from April 1

Are you based in or around Delhi, and are eager to move to the famed immigration destination, the US? Well, check this news report as this is for the aspirants like you!

From April 1 onwards, the New Delhi based US embassy has stopped processing IR5 (parent of a US citizen) Visas, IR1/CR1 (spouse of a US citizen) Visas, or IR2/CR2 (single minor kids of a US citizen) Visas.

The reason: US Immigration has moved every visa associated procedure to Mumbai. The US Consulate General in Mumbai will be the lone centre for an immigrant, in process for these visas, to pursue visa.

Speaking about the development, a highly placed officer in the US embassy, reportedly, stated that the US embassy has taken the decision to offer visas only from its Mumbai bureau.

US Embassy Stops Processing Immigrant Visas

As per the US embassy, in case the interview of any candidate for visa is listed on or after the date in question, i.e., April 1, 2018, a letter from the concerned body, the National Visa Center, will state the place of the interview, together with the additional particulars related to the preparation of interview.

For those not tuned in, both the US Embassy in New Delhi and the US Consulate General in Mumbai process the petitions submitted for the Immigrant Visas.

Justifying the move, an US embassy officer, reportedly, stated that the Mumbai bureau of the US consulate has sufficient space for the purposes. Besides, the US has single administrative center in every nation, for the object of proffering the Immigration Visas, and so against the backdrop, the US has taken the decision to move visa operations to its Mumbai centre.

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