Trump’s Immigration Strategies Helping Canadian Startups Draw Additional International Manpower

The fickle minded US President Donald Trump has taken a big toll on the world, but what is quite surprising is that he has not spared even his own people and country. Confused? Well check this news report to know what it means!

As per a new study, over 50% of the startups in Canada have experienced an increase in the number of the global tech candidates, and majority of them are from the US since the starting of the year gone by. Quite a few firms even witnessed international petitions multiply.

The study was carried-out amongst 55 high-growth startups in Canada with US exposure and yearly income of over $1 million. As per the details that we have on the subject, close-to 82% of organizations that witnessed a jump in worldwide interest had candidates from the neighbouring US, trailed by India & China.

Canadian Startups Draw Additional International Manpower
The firms in question reportedly mentioned visa and immigration rules, which, allegedly, have become tougher (PDF) and less definite under the incumbent US president, as the primary factor for growth in global hires.

It, allegedly, denotes that skilled engineers from the nations of India & China are shifting to the Maple Leaf Country in higher figures than before.

Reportedly, workers from the US are also submitting an application although for different factors, comprising political insecurity in the US. Ottawa has also made it simpler to work there, via enacting a scheme Global Skills Strategy Visa that accelerates International Visas.

As per the research, Engineers were the most common job for which the different startups in Canada signed-up international aspirants.

During the year gone by, the US tech groups were asking to interview fewer global applicants. Allegedly, it seems as though the domestic aspirants may also quickly become rarer.

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