All You Need To Know About Australian Citizenship

Australian Citizenship is a cherished status, and so it is hardly a matter of surprise that the global community of migrants wants to get it.

As per the available information, over 5 million people have received Australian citizenship since 1949. The main step is a ceremony where people pledge their loyalty, and in return they are given the rights & duties as an Australian.

What Citizenship Gives You?

The right to vote;

The right to submit an application for a the prized Australian passport;

The right to gain admission into the nation minus a visa for the Kangaroo Land (if you possess your Australian passport);

The right to take part in specific visa plans with nations across the globe;

The right to contest elections in the Australian administrations;

The right to do a job for the public service;

The right to serve the country in the defence forces;

The right to have your foreign-born kids listed as the nation’s citizens;

The chance to have kids born as the nation’s citizens in case born on-shore;

The right to Australian ambassadorial or consular security when abroad;

Immunity from being exiled from Down Under unless you received your citizenship via unlawful methods;

In some specific situations, many citizenships; and

Last but not least, the chance to become a key component of the Australian society.

Know About Australian Citizenship

Do It Well

Australia is a popular hotspot for the migrants, and admits a large number of petitions per annum, but it also does not entertain a huge number of applicants.

When you are dealing with the Australian authorities, be courteous and well-mannered. If you irritate an official, you will harm your case.

Explore the different manners you may acquire the nation’s citizenship. You have basically two broad manners of getting citizenship, namely, via descent – when you lay your claim for citizenship, via either your parentage or location of your birth; and via conferral – when you seek citizenship, on the basis of your visa standing. In the second situation, it is mandatory that you first have duly proven Permanent Residency (PR).

  1. Born in Australia

A kid born in the nation with not less than 1 parent, who has either the nation’s citizenship or a permanent residency, automatically becomes a citizen of the nation.

  1. Your parent has citizenship

You can have the right to an Australian passport, just because your parent has one, even in case you have never made a trip to the nation. In case our parent claimed citizenship, via descent, in place of birth, then it is mandatory that they stayed in the nation for not less than two years before your birth.

Dual citizenship

Till 2002, Canberra did not recognize dual citizenship, and the Australians were at risk of losing their citizenship in case they took up another nation’s. The said law was revised in 2002 so that the kids of the ex-Australians, who lost citizenship under the said law (apart from the ex-citizens themselves), may also claim citizenship.

  1. Significant other/partner or close family member of an Australian

In case you happen to be either other half or de facto partner (comprising same-sex) of a citizen or permanent resident of the country, you may submit an application for temporary visa. The Australian authorities closely examine such visas and will probably necessitate an interview, to establish the legality of the relationship.

The visa is offered on a two-year probationary basis prior to Permanent Residency may be applied for. Only then can the significant other or family member mull submitting an application for citizenship.

  1. Nationals of New Zealand residing in Down Under

In case you have the citizenship of Kiwi Land and you shifted to Australia before February 27, 2001, you have the liberty of applying for the nation’s citizenship without first obtaining Permanent Residency.

In case you shifted to Down Under post that date, you require submitting an application for a Permanent Residency first. Kids born to NZ citizens staying in the Kangaroo Land post the said date are also not automatically citizens, unless they reside in Australia until they turn 10 years old.

  1. You obtained PR and stay in Australia

You may present a petition for citizenship, if:

You possess a PRV, and

Have stayed in the nation, with authorization, for 4 years, and

You have not been out of the country for over 1 year in those 4 years, and

You have not been missing for over 90 days in the previous year

Citizenship Process

After you have proven that you have the necessary qualifications for citizenship, you need to collect the germane papers that you require to substantiate your claim.

What you require doing

You need to get your certificates certified by an appropriately qualified person. It is mandatory that the person who certifies your document:

Has citizenship of Australia, and

Has known you for not less than 1 year, and

Has no relations with you and

Can be effortlessly contacted via telephone through working hours

He must be involved with a work mentioned in a list of suitable occupations. In case you are applying from outside of the Kangaroo Land, then the condition for the certifying individual to have Australian citizenship is ignored.

Application Time

You present your petition online, with duly scanned germane documents and photos. The Australian Department of Home affairs (DHA) will get you the final answer inside 60 calendar days.

Sailing through the Australian Citizenship Test

Get ready to pass the Citizenship test – a multi-choice test that’s heavily based on the nation’s culture & politics. It is required that you give the rights answers to at least 15 out of 20 questions.

Use the information shared to lay your hands one of the most prized positions in the world – that of the Australian citizenship!

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