Enjoy Australian PR Benefits, Make Your Life Better & Improved!

Most people know that Australia is one of the finest immigration hotspots. And, many people prefer to acquire the Australia Permanent Residence (PR) Visa as the Australia PR benefits are unparalleled. If you get the Australia PR status, you can live, work or study in the nation without any restrictions whatsoever.

Australian PR–Who Can Apply?

Anyone who is not a citizen of Australia and wants to permanently settle in the country, to live, work or study, can apply. As a permanent resident, he will be eligible to enjoy almost similar rights, at par with the Australian citizens.

However, unless you do not convert the same into Australian citizenship, you cannot vote, run for an electoral office, or join the national armed force. Australia PR is very much similar to the US Green Card, though perhaps it is more popular and desired.

Major Australian PR Benefits

Coming back to primary keyword Australian PR benefits, these are some of the Australian immigration benefits that the permanent resident visa holders can enjoy in Down Under.Australian PR Benefits

Permanent Resident Status: Being a permanent resident of Australia is itself a benefit and a HUGE privilege. Like stated above, with the same, you can live, work or study anywhere in Down Under. With certain terms and conditions you can even travel abroad any number of times.

Health Coverage: The country’s health system is excellent. Australian Government gives high priority to the health of its citizens and hence it has introduced Medicare. This is a wonderful healthcare scheme and one of the most important Australian PR Benefits. It is provided free of cost to all residents.

Sponsor a relative and/or family member: You can sponsor a relative and/or family member, but before that, they will have to meet the eligibility criteria.

Social Security: This is one of the most important Australian PR Benefits. Once you become an Australian Permanent Resident, you may enjoy many types of social benefits, such as student and unemployment benefits, among others. However, to access the same, you might have to wait for at least 2 years.

Apply for Australian Citizenship: Once you meet the conditions, you can apply for the Australian citizenship and thereafter the Australian Passport.

Australian citizenship to children born in the country: Many times, parents plan a child only when they reach Australia as the children born in the country are considered citizens and are granted citizenship as soon as they are born.

Travel to New Zealand Visa-free: Unlike rival neighbors India and Pakistan where sometimes you have to wait for many years to travel to each other, as an Australian Permanent Resident, you can travel to its neighbouring country New Zealand visa-free. The NZ Government has provided this benefit only to the residents of Down Under.

These are some of the major Australian PR benefits. If you want to know more on the subject, get in touch with Australia PR Visa Consultants.

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