Good News for Parent & Grandparents Aspirants, IRCC Increasing Unification Programme Limit by 100%!

Canada understands the importance of family and parents and grandparents in one’s life, and so it has a very liberal and kind immigration policy. Under it, those with Permanent Residency (PR) or citizenship in the country are allowed to sponsor their family members and welcome them to the country.

Taking this forward, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Ottawa has now decided to raise the cap for the popular Parent & Grandparents Scheme by as high as 100%.

As per the latest information that we have on the subject, the IRCC has now started sending out invitations, via the popular Parent & Grandparents Scheme to the would-be sponsors. As per the IRCC, the prospective sponsors are being picked-up at random speed even while they have 60 days from the exact invitation date to put forward their complete form of petition.

IRCC Looking Forward to 10000 Sponsor Petitions for PGP

During the year gone by the IRCC, reportedly, introduced new features for the PGP and the same comprise the principal step which necessitates those with the nation’s citizenship and/or PR to present the Interest to Sponsor form.

The IRCC has once more admitted the form from the budding sponsors this year from January 2 to February 1. Randomly, many people have been picked up who further presented the Interest to Sponsor form. As per the information that we have from the IRCC, it has not obtained close-to 10000 complete petitions from the selected sponsors and so there will be one more round of invitation this year.

IRCC Increasing Unification Programme Limit by 100%

Starting New Features for Simplifying PGP Procedure

At present, the IRCC, via e-mail, is directly getting in touch with those aspirants who have presented the Interest to Sponsor form. Since at times the e-mails fail to directly reach the inbox of the aspirants and make their way to the spam or junk folder, the IRCC authorities are presently encouraging those people who have appropriately completed and also presented the Interest to Sponsor form, to keep checking their junk and inbox mail folders.

Lately, a new feature has been added and it enables the sponsors to keep a check on the confirmation number and compare the same with the published invitee list. It assists the candidates to know if they have received an invitation for presenting the application, and prepare their application even before getting the e-mail from the IRCC.

Post the submission of Interest to Sponsor form, a number for confirmation is given to the sponsors. Courtesy numerous factors, some people, at times, forget or lose the number. At present, such people may fill a new online form, and figure out if they have been sent an invite for the petition, inside the following 10 business days.

Family Reunification IRCC’s Highest Priority

The IRCC has launched the Interest to Sponsor form and randomized the procedure of selection to the PGP sponsorship Scheme with a view to increase the pace of the procedure of application and also cut down the expenses experienced by the candidates earlier with the application procedure that was based on the first-come, first-served method.

As mentioned in the title, the PGP intake limit has been boosted by 100% the IRCC; the same has been boosted to 10000 from the preceding 5000 with the target to assist the permanent residents and also the citizens to usher-in their dear & near ones into the nation.

Actually, the latest procedure directly favors those presenting complete petitions. It denotes that those who have recently submitted the Interest to Sponsor form can also get the invitation to apply in place of those who have been presently sent an invite but who failed to submit an application or present the complete petitions.

Hence, those who have not still obtained the invitation for presenting a complete application would do well to nurse the hope for an unexpected turn of events. Simultaneously, the IRCC has also asked the applicants to keep a tab on the latest news reports for receiving predictions involving the future rounds of invitation.

The nation’s multi-year immigration levels plan offers an increase in the intake apportionment for the PGP with every passing year. According to a report, by 2020, a total of nearly 61,500 new permanent residents will receive an invite to the Maple Leaf Country.

In case a person is keen to sponsor his grandparent or parent, via the plan, then he must figure out and fulfill the different eligibility conditions for this particular plan.

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