Want To Know What Is The Process for Canada Express Entry?

Do you want to figure out Process for Canada Express Entry? You know what–numerous people like you want to know ‘Canada Express Entry process’.

But before we delve into the issue and come-up with an answer to the question–What Is the Process for Canada Express Entry— let’s first figure out what is Canada Express Entry!

It is very popular and fast electronic immigration system run and managed by Canada and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Introduced on the lines of SkillSelect of Australia, Canada Express Entry has dramatically improved the process and the way Ottawa chooses its skilled workers from across the world for immigration.

Aspirants express their interest in moving to the country, via lodging their Expression of Interest (EoI) with the IRCC which, as mentioned before, administers and processes the petitions obtained via the nation’s different federal economic immigration plans.Canada Express Entry Process

Petitions are obtained from qualified applicants who have been sent an invite to submit an application for Canada immigration on the basis of their human capital features, abilities, experience, and some additional issues.

Via Canada Express Entry, candidates & families, eager to settle in the Maple Leaf Country, may get the prized permanent residency inside just a couple of months.

What Is The Process for Canada Express Entry?

This takes us back to the title–What Is the Process for Canada Express Entry?

Well, basically the Canada Express Entry process involves these two key steps:


A. Figure-out your Express Entry Eligibility

In case you are exhibiting your interest to do a job & reside or settle in the nation, but are not pretty certain how to go about the whole process, take the first step to decide your eligibility for Canada Express Entry. Use any of the free online assessment tools given on the different sites dealing with the issue. It’s pretty easy. You just have to answer a couple of questions and share your details. The data you furnish will be evaluated and then you will be given the best possible & the most suited immigration options.

B. Make your online Express Entry profile

In case you are qualified, and fulfill every requirement for Express Entry Canada, you may shift to on to the subsequent step in the process. Now you require generating your Canada Express Entry profile online for the process, and presenting your skills, employment experience, language skills, education and some other particulars. In case you fulfill the requirements of any of the different federal economic immigration schemes available under Express Entry, you will find yourself in a pool, and after you are in the Pool, you may begin your job hunt.

C. Express Entry Pool

Once you are in the Express Entry Pool you will get a position on the basis if the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Your profile in the pool will be lawfully valid for a period of 1 year. The IRCC carries-out regular draws and sends Invitations to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency (PR) to the high ranked Express Entry Pool candidates.


Top-ranking applicants will get an invite to present an application for PR in the country online. Once they receive an invite, the aspirants have 90 days to put forward their duly complete electronic petition for Canada PR.

So, if you have the question —What Is the Process for Canada Express Entry–by now you must have got your answer, right?

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