Denied Visa Twice!

Khalil Chisthee, an ace artist from Pakistan has been denied visa for the second time which means he won’t be able to perform his first solo in India. The Indian Visa Office is continuously denying him his visa which is not allowing him to enter India to perform his shows.

Khalil Chisthee, who is aged 46, now stays in New York. Reports have confirmed that he has been rejected Indian visa two times now in the last three months. The artist was due to perform his concert at the Select City Walk in Saket.

Aprajita Jain, who is the owner of the Seven Art Gallery and the main person before organizing this exhibition has confirmed that no particular reason has been given to Chisthee as to on what grounds, he has been denied the visa. Further, there are no controversies or provocative behavior attached with his work, so why this denial? They have even had words with the consulate in New York, but they have got no response from their side.

The artist in a telephonic conversation has confirmed that he personally had meetings with so many people which included the Consulate-General at the embassy in New York, but he has got no response from any of the officials, despite their confirmation that they would perform every possible deed.

He said that is an artist who holds a true belief in love and spreading peace. India is his other home. But these kinds of stones would not stop him. He will apply again and will come back.

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