Shutting Down Australian Institutions Affects 5,000 Indian students!

If reports are to be believed, almost 5,000 students who have come from India have been badly affected, courtesy the closure of 37 Immigration colleges in the land of Kangaroos Australia. The shutting down of colleges happened because according to the new list of occupations implemented by Australia, the occupation of gardeners, cooks, hairdressers, journalists, fitters and fashion designers has been barred out.

Overseas Indian Affairs minister Vayalar Ravi has said that the closure of more than 37 colleges has badly affected as long as 5,000 students who are studying in Australia. However, it is likely that the students who are affected from this episode would be given their fee back in the form of refunds or be offered some other educational institution. The list of occupations in demand has almost being cut to half!

Additionally, it was in the month of February, the Migrations Occupations in Demand was scrapped out! This meant more and more number of applicants was left in a state of limbo. Moreover, the benefits taken by the prospective immigrant to the country who has some relative in the land of Kangaroos has been cut off.

A lot of Indians end up taking courses like cookery and gardening in the country as they think it would assist them furthering getting immigration status in Australia. The entry for Indians going to Australia has been made stringent as the scores required for the English language tests have been hiked. These changes were implemented after the Indian students were attacked on the basis of their race in the country.

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