Brazilian Couple caught in bureaucratic Limbo!

A couple from Brazil who migrated to the land of Kiwis in order to start a new beginning of their life has been tugged in bureaucratic limbo. The reason is that the wife has indulged into an unplanned pregnancy.

The concerned couple, Marcio Tulio de Moura, 35, and his partner Barbara Ohana de Sena Vieira, 26, wanted to file an application for new visas for their temporary work permit. But the whole application process went against them as Barbara could not clear the medical examination. Her reports showed that she is pregnant. Hence, she is unable to fulfill the health requirement decked with getting the work permit.

Barbara is five months’ pregnant and hence fails to qualify for the laws created by Immigration New Zealand. As far as the husband is concerned, he can qualify for residency under the Skilled Migrant category. Further, he has the option to include his spouse as well as their daughter, Ana who is 4 years of age. But he can do so, only if they are granted the new work permit.

The couple arrived in New Zealand in month of May of the year 2007. Since then, the husband worked at the position of stonemason in Queenstown- New Zealand for a span of twenty four months. His partner was employed in the supermarket of the town centre.

In addition, the couple was not allowed to work as their applications were kept in limbo since the month of June. So it’s been almost two months that the couple are jobless and hence are stuck in a bureaucratic limbo.

The female partner said that she is considered of going for abortion. But now the couple is eager to have a second child and hence is making their minds for termination. The wife is worried that they are out of money and cannot get employed!

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